A125 – Hygienic Stainless Steel Machine Mounts


Product Description

M12 68 50 25 70 104 350
M12 92 50 50 95 154 350
M16 68 75 50 75 130 750
M16 92 75 50 100 180 750
M20 68 100 25 85 136 1000
M20 92 100 50 110 186 1000

Dimensions are approximate


The Nu-Tech Hygienic Machine Mount has been designed for those industries and applications where Hygiene is of the up most importance. The threaded section which is exposed on standard levelling feet and an area of potential contamination has been replaced with a stud manufactured with only a part threaded section which is then covered by an adjustable sleeved collar. The base has been designed with smooth polished easy clean profile and incorporates a rubber seal between the stud and base interface. Ideally suited for applications within the Food, Diary, Medical, Pharmaceutical industries and Laboratory/Clean Room environments.

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