Hygienic Levelling Foot for Reactor System

Design Brief
Hygenic Levelling Foot for Reactor System

The brief was to design a hygienic Levelling Foot to support the customer’s new reactor system.

The Reactor system having been designed for rigorous use within the chemical and cryogenic fields meant that the levelling foot had to be robust, have a high degree of resistance to both corrosive and chemical attack. Further more manufactured in such a way so as to avoid cross contamination.


The solution was to design a Levelling Foot manufactured from Stainless Steel which could be height adjustable yet have no exposed threads, articulate but be free from recesses and crevices, thereby creating a functional design but avoiding potential dirt traps and areas of contamination.
Hygenic Levelling Foot for Reactor System

The height adjustment was made possible by concealing the threaded section of the levelling foot stud using an extended sleeved nut arrangement.

The potential dirt trap created by the ball and socket arrangement necessary to provide articulation was concealed by using a tight fitting purpose designed flexible nitrile rubber seal.

The arrangement was also supplied with a purpose designed frame adaptor which secured the Levelling Foot assembly to the Reactors support legs.